Bishop Hoffman Catholic School -- Head of School

Bishop Hoffman Catholic School -- Head of School


School District / Company: Bishop Hoffman Catholic School

Phone: (2034389315)

Email Address:

City : Fremont
State : Ohio
Zip Code : 43420

Position Title: Head of School

Number of Openings: 1

Position Type: Administration

Start Date:
MM : 5
DD : 31
YYYY : 2018

Duties: The Head of School for Bishop Hoffman Catholic School is charged with leading the schools toward the achievement of their goal carrying on the Mission, “To reach and teach the mind, body, heart and soul of each child to bring them closer to God.” This is to be accomplished through leadership in spiritual, executive, financial and managerial areas in cooperation with the BHCS Governing Board and Parish Priests. These responsibilities include but are not limited to short-term and long-range planning, public relations, staff
oversight, fundraising, facilities maintenance, relations, and communication within the BHCS family.

Experience Required: Qualifications:
1. A practicing Catholic in full communion.
2. Appropriate State of Ohio licensure/certification preferred.
3. Master’s Degree in School or Educational Administration or Business required.
4. Previous administrative experience preferred.
5. Experience in financial management, development and institutional advancement.
6. Possesses ability to generate financial resources and supportive relationships.
7. Is successful in planning, marketing and public relations.
8. Must be able to pass all diocesan employment requirements.
9. Possesses strong leadership, vision and managerial qualities.

Responsibilities - Catholic Identity:
1. Dedicated to the ministry of Catholic education.
2. Models Gospel values through participation in major religious experiences and shares
with the administrative team the ongoing spiritual direction for the system.
3. Fulfills the mission of the Church to teach the religious and moral doctrine of the
Church, ensuring that Catholic identity is included in school activities.
4. Ensures that knowledgeable persons are secured and evaluated to the proper teaching
of the faith in the church’s mission of Catholic education across all disciplines.
5. Works with Priests and appropriate staff on spiritual leadership, Catholic identity and related activities.

Governing Board:
1. Meets regularly with the governing board; provides monthly accurate program reports
to the board and to the bishop as requested; prepares and presents an annual State of
the Schools report to the board and the Bishop as requested.
2. Serves as a liaison between employees and the governing board.
3. Assesses and evaluates principals and administrators; recommends the hiring and termination of principals and administrators to the board; recommends measures to
ensure the school is supplied with an adequate and professional teaching and instructional staff; and any other roles that may be designated by the board as necessary and appropriate.
4. Works directly with the board to ensure implementation of board policies.
5. Works with the board in the development of strategic plans and is accountable to the board for the progress of those plans.
6. Keeps the board informed regarding system-related matters, objectives, needs and plans.
7. Is accountable to the board for overall management of the school, which includes personnel, school accreditation, facilities management, capital improvement and maintenance of facilities and grounds.
8. Works with the board on any legal matters affecting the school and for retaining counsel through the Diocese.

1. Works closely with the finance committee, business manager and priests to determine financial assistance commitments from the sponsoring parishes on an ongoing basis, forecasting three to five years.
2. Works closely with the finance committee and business manager in preparing the annual budget to be submitted to the governing board for approval.
3. Works with the finance committee and business manager on creating a financial plan for the system’s long-term needs.
4. Plays a key role in major fund-raising efforts, especially representing the school in new outreaches to potential donors.

Marketing, Public Relations:
1. Communicates and collaborates with parish staffs, parents, parishioners, alumni and friends through parish visits, newsletters and other means. Acts as official spokesperson
for the schools, especially during a crisis, or delegates this role appropriately.
2. Oversees marketing, public relations and publications to ensure the appropriate communication of the purpose and programs of the system.
3. Attends and supports major fundraising events and helps generate financial resources for the school system and sustains supportive relationships. In this regard, he/she is actively and visibly involved in such events as the annual fund, auction, Hall of Fame banquet, Heritage Awards, Baccalaureate, Graduation, annual awards events and others as appropriate.
4. Actively and effectively promotes the image and reputation of Bishop Hoffman Catholic Schools.
5. Fosters cooperation and communication with local schools, churches, and agencies.

1. Demonstrates ability to organize and compile data for various diocesan, state and federal reports.
2. Demonstrates knowledge of academic areas and teaching methodologies.
3. Works effectively with others, communicating ideas and directives clearly and effectively both orally and in writing.
4. Has active listening skills.
5. Demonstrates organizational and problem-solving skills.
6. Has ability to organize and oversee major fundraising efforts.
7. Demonstrates excellent oral and written communication skills, including public speaking skills.
8. Is a strong and inspirational leader, partnering with the governing board, priests, staff, parents, and others in the BHCS family.
9. Upholds the academic and ethical standards of the school.
10. Contributes to the building of a positive morale among faculty, staff, and students.
11. Fosters professionalism, collegiality and ethical conduct within the faculty.
12. Provides for the professional development of the faculty.
13. Stimulates and participates in the dialog about teaching and learning at school.
14. Supervises the schools’ support systems, such as counseling, security and volunteer programs either directly or through designated representatives.
15. Acts as the schools’ liaison with the Diocese of Toledo and any appropriate agencies.
16. Is accessible and approachable, and encourages new ideas. Communicates regularly with the staffs at both campuses.
17. Respects the dignity of every person and models behavior that demonstrates appreciation for all individuals.
18. Oversees the recruitment and admission process for students.
19. Oversees the hiring and termination of staff and faculty, executing contracts as applicable.
20. Meets regularly with administrative team.

Benefits This position offers comprehensive benefits and retirement plan. Details available from BHCS Business Manager.

Expected Travel Minimal Overnight Travel

Deadline for Application
March 30, 2018.

Wage or Salary: Competitive, commensurate with Experiance

Approximate Work Hours or Days: Full-time

How to Apply: For consideration, please email resume to:
Arlene McSweeney, Ed.D.
Catholic Recruiter Associates

Posting End Date:
MM : 4
DD : 30
YYYY : 2018