Board Liaison - Columbus City Schools

Board Liaison - Columbus City Schools

School District / Company: Columbus City Schools


Email Address:

Street Address : 270 East State Street
Address Line 2 : 270 East State Street
City : Columbus
State : Ohio
Zip Code : 43215

Position Title: Board Liaison

Number of Openings: 1

Position Type: Administrator

Start Date:
MM : 8
DD : 1
YYYY : 2019


Responsible for being the liaison between the Superintendent and the Board of Education, and to support the work of the Superintendent in achieving the goals of the Board and the District. The duties include providing technical assistance; preparing all working documents for the Board; facilitating communications between the Board, district administration, and constituents; conducting community and stakeholder outreach activities; and serving on committees as assigned. Serves as the primary point of contact for the Board to the administration on logistical and organizational matters in support of the Superintendent.


• Oversees the day to day operations and budget for the Board Services Office.
• Maintains confidentiality regarding matters of the Superintendent’s Office and the Board.
• Responds to the Board inquiries and questions in a timely and effective manner.
• Coordinates and organizes Board member onboarding and training as directed by the Superintendent and Board President.
• Provides support to the Superintendent with Board relations.
• Provides full administrative support for the Board correspondence, constituent services, scheduling, strategic initiatives, stakeholder collaborations, and public engagements.
• Works with the District’s communications team on Board messaging, talking points, speeches, press releases, mass mailings, newsletters, and public relations.
• Provides Board meeting support by confirming Board member availability for meetings, overseeing the creation and publication of the agenda and related public meeting notices, preparing agenda meeting notes for the Board leadership, identifying and ensuring meeting locations and logistics, compiling and responding to Board member inquiries and requests generated during a Board meeting, and compiling and responding to speaker inquiries and requests generated during the Board meetings.
• Coordinates and organizes the development of Board initiatives and resolutions for Board action.
• Creates, proofs, edits and delivers high quality professional reports, memoranda, presentations, and other documents for the Board and Superintendent related to Board matters.
• Provides support to the Board Leadership team in carrying out their duties.
• Investigates and analyzes educational issues of interest to the Board.
• Logs, monitors, and ensures the completion of tasks related to community correspondence received by Board members
• Coordinates administration responses to Board member inquiries.
• Coordinates communication between Board leadership and individual Board members and the Superintendent to maintain and enhance relationships, and to foster credibility, trust, respect, and mutual support.
• Attends community meetings, community forums, and public hearings, and performs other information gathering duties as assigned by the Superintendent and/or the Board.
• Oversees the maintenance and completion of contact, scheduling, and conference attendance information for Board members, maintains a calendar of community events, determines Board member availability to attend community meetings, and conducts advance logistics for Board member attendance at community events;
• Facilitates communication between the Superintendent, Senior Leadership Team, Board leadership, and members of the Board of Education.
• Assists Board members in their duties as education-related professionals and community leaders by providing technical assistance, researching topics and assisting in preparing materials.
• Coordinates and completes special projects and reports for the Board and Superintendent as assigned.
• Consults with the Communications Department to communicate the Board and Superintendent’s positions regarding administrative actions/decisions, pending initiatives related to key community stakeholders, and the like.
• Assists the Superintendent in providing consistent information to the Board relative to their work, policy positions, constituent concerns, and other relevant work of the district.
• Attends meetings as directed.
• Provides training and guidance to assigned staff on the Board agenda process and Board Services responsibility.
• Performs other duties as assigned.


• Possession of a bachelor’s degree in Education, Public Policy, Political Science, Communications, or a related field.
• Three (3) years of progressive experience in education administration, public policy, government and community relations, public sector governance support, non-profit board support, or related experience.


• Prior work experience which demonstrates the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with persons from diverse educational, economic, and cultural backgrounds.
• Experience in maintaining confidential information.
• Experience resolving conflicts, addressing constituent concerns, and solving problems.
• Experience exercising good judgment with making decisions, taking initiative, prioritizing issues, working as a team member, and managing work.
• Experience using diplomacy, discretion, and appropriate judgment with stakeholders.
• Experience proactively seeking out innovative opportunities, identifying obstacles, and proposing creative solutions to problems.
• Experience to comprehend consequences of various situations and have the ability to make appropriate individuals aware of the situation for decision making.
• Familiarity with using computer software programs such as Excel, SharePoint, Google Docs, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and BoardDocs.
• Effective writing skills that include accuracy with spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting various documents.
• Effective verbal communication skills that include the concise and clear exchange of information, the reporting of facts, and the presentation of ideas.
• Analytical ability to research and analyze information and summarize findings.
• Skills necessary to provide guidance and train and review the work of assigned staff.
• Excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills under pressure.
• Interpersonal skills necessary to effectively advocate the interests and position of the district to elected government officials and community stakeholders.
• Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of federal and state education laws, urban education issues, education policies, Board policies and procedures, legislative affairs, and district constituents.

Wage or Salary: $50,133.00

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 5 days a week

How to Apply: To apply, go to, Jobs / Employment Opportunities / Administrative Positions / Business Administrative Opportunities

Posting End Date:
MM : 7
DD : 30
YYYY : 2019