Continuous Improvement Support Liaison - Ohio Department of Education

Continuous Improvement Support Liaison - Ohio Department of Education

School District / Company: Ohio Department of Education


Email Address:

Street Address : 25 S Front St.
City : Columbus
State : Ohio
Zip Code : 43215

Position Title: Continuous Improvement Support Liaison

Number of Openings: 1

Position Type: Full-time permanent

Start Date:
MM : 9
DD : 10
YYYY : 2018

Duties: Strong relationship building skills including superb communication skills make you a great candidate for this position. The opportunity is to serve as a continuous improvement support liaison between intra-agency offices, school districts, state support teams, and educational service centers for the delivery of coordinated regional school improvement efforts.

Major Responsibilities & Duties:
Serves as Continuous Improvement Support Liaison:
• Provides technical assistance, consultation, coaching, and review to school personnel working with ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) school improvement initiatives;
o In accordance with the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) and the Ohio Leadership Framework, establishment/re-establishment of collaborative leadership teams;
o Development of a common understanding of the roles of collaborative leadership teams in implementing the OIP;
o implementation of improvement measurements as identified by the Office of Continuous Improvement;
• Independently provides technical assistance to school administrators through development of continuous improvement plan;
• Provides consultation services to school administrators, community members, and school boards of education;
• Maintains confidentiality (e.g., participates and consults with district leadership in collective bargaining for the employer) throughout all processes and reporting requirements at the SEA (State Education Agency) and LEA (Local Education Agency) levels;
• Maintains records;
• Reviews data;
• Conducts research and writes reports;
• Monitors federal and state requirements and implementation of evidence-based strategies surrounding school improvement efforts;
• Accessing the State System of Support to connect the schools with necessary resources;
• Provides technical assistance and coaching for the following areas:
o Comprehensive needs assessment to identify the most critical needs and probable causes of school improvement status;
o Researching and selecting evidence-based strategies aligned with data;
o Creating a focused data-driven continuous improvement plan;
o Implementing and monitoring implementation of continuous improvement plan:
o Evaluation of the implementation of evidence-based strategy(ies) to continue to improve student performance.

Liaises with assigned ODE Center:
• Serves on inter-agency committees to connect student supports and continuous improvement efforts;
• Informs Office of Continuous Improvement regarding emerging initiatives;
• Provides technical assistance around continuous improvement processes;
• Serves as connection to SSTs;
• Recommends and coordinates services as needed;
• Connecting cross-agency data;
• Conducts research and writes reports.

Experience Required: Completion of a master’s degree in one of the following areas: education administration, educational leadership, public administration, education, public policy management, social sciences, curriculum design; and 3 years of experience in any combination of the following:
• Building level school administration (i.e., principal, assistant principal).
• District level school administration (i.e., director of special education, pupil services, curriculum and instruction, federal programs, or related service areas).

Wage or Salary: $56,201 annually

Approximate Work Hours or Days: M-F, 8:00am - 5:00pm subject to agency flexible scheduling

How to Apply: To view and/or apply for this position, please visit and search for State of Ohio Government Jobs > Filter > Department > Education.

Posting End Date:
MM : 9
DD : 17
YYYY : 2018