Coordinator of K-12 Career Education - Dublin City Schools

Coordinator of K-12 Career Education - Dublin City Schools

School District / Company: Dublin City Schools

Phone: (614) 764-5913

Email Address:

Street Address : 5175 Emerald Parkway
City : Dublin
State : Ohio
Zip Code : 43017

Position Title: Coordinator of K-12 Career Education

Number of Openings: 1

Position Type: Administrative

Start Date:
MM : 08
DD : 01
YYYY : 2020

The Coordinator assists members of the Teaching & Learning Division, building principals, K-12 staff in administering, monitoring and implementing the requirements for a quality career education program. The Coordinator provides leadership and support for the staff and students and collaborates with administrators, instructional staff, and community members in assuring that appropriate career education curriculum and instructional practices are occurring in all classrooms and assists the principal/program leads in the administration and supervision of the instructional program. The Coordinator meets with teachers individually and in small groups, with local, regional and statewide members of the public involved in Career & Technical Education (CTE), and professional learning communities to support implementation of CTE program requirements.


1. Develops strong relationships with the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development team of the City of Dublin, Tolles Career Center, the DCS Business Advisory Council as well as members of the central Ohio business community so as to identify and develop new career-based learning opportunities for students / staff.
2. Develops and implements a teacher externship program in partnership with the leadership of the Dublin Education Association and members of the local business community.
3. Oversees an updated Career Based Intervention Program (CBI).
4. Reviews and makes recommendations for changes, as appropriate, in District policies and procedures related to the career focused programming.
5. Assists program specialists, teachers, school counselors and school administrators in meeting identified goals in career education instruction.
6. Oversees and leads district planning team meetings including curriculum and instruction development related to career education.
7. Serves as consultant to Academy and career education teachers, school counselors and school administrators in the development and implementation of Career & Technical Education curricula and special industry certification programs, and in the evaluation and selection of teaching materials and industry certification testing platforms.
8. Co-teaches and/or visits teachers in schools to model lesson instruction; observes teachers in the classrooms as scheduled and/or as requested by program administrators and/or principals; makes recommendations for improvement in performance as appropriate; offers advice and assistance as needed; provides opportunities for teachers to obtain appropriate professional development through workshops, industry certification and graduate courses; analyzes state and District Career Based assessment and industry certification data to help target professional development needs.
9. Coordinates with university, college, and technical school instructors and administrators to update academics for teachers as needed and offer career opportunities for students.
10. Compiles data for, and prepares various statistical, administrative and professional reports as required by the State, District and/or other agencies.
11. Receives and responds to inquiries, and concerns, regarding issues, programs, policies and procedures in areas of responsibility.
12. Facilitates and/or participates in frequent meetings with teachers, principals, and administrators to discuss issues in areas of responsibility.
13. Keeps abreast of developments in Career Based education curriculum, instruction, and certification; and provides leadership in determining their appropriateness for inclusion in the District’s instructional program in partnership with the Executive Director of Teaching & Learning.
14. Coordinates, implements, and oversees various other special programs, events, and projects, related either to Career Based education or to other instructional/administrative functions of the District as assigned.
15. Attends training, conferences, workshops, and meetings as appropriate to enhance job knowledge and skills.
16. Performs routine administrative/office tasks as required, including, but not limited to, preparing reports and correspondence, copying and filing documents, answering the telephone, sending and receiving faxes/emails, and entering and retrieving computer data.
17. Provides parent education focused on career pathways.

Experience Required: QUALIFICATIONS:
Undergraduate degree in Education, Business, Marketing or a related field or equivalent training, education, or experience.
Significant related experience in career services, employment/job placement, business development, employer relations or career & technical education/career-based intervention.
The successful candidate will also demonstrate a proven record in leading and developing cohesive teams, strategic planning, and contribauting to organizational leadership; he or she must possess multicultural awareness and competence and have the ability to work in a diverse environment and serve constituents fom a wide variety of backgrounds
Strong organizational and effective communication abilities are essential
Experience defining ROI and concrete measurements of success for both internal and external constituencies
Demonstrated passion and experience in employment and career development, relationship development, program planning and execution, group facilitation and engagement, advising stakeholders
A strong knowledge of trends in internships, employment, the economy, effective interventions, technology, and industry networks.

Wage or Salary: Administrative Salary Schedule

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 246 days per year

How to Apply: TO APPLY:
1. Go to, then click on the Employment tab, then Administrative Job Openings.
2. To the right of the job openings you will see a link to the Online Application. Please complete the online application and include at least six references with contact information.
3. Contact with questions: Bryan Buoni by email:

The Dublin City School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and as such does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, veteran status, marital status, or any other status protected by law.

Posting End Date:
MM : 04
DD : 17
YYYY : 2020