Director of Student Services, Safety & Security

Director of Student Services, Safety & Security

School District / Company: New Albany Plain Local School District

Phone: (614) 8552040-8552040

Email Address:

Street Address : 55 N. High St
City : New Albany
State : Ohio
Zip Code : 43054

Position Title: Director of Student Services, Safety & Security

Number of Openings: 1

Position Type: Administrator

Start Date:
MM : 8
DD : 1
YYYY : 2018

Duties: Overview:
The New Albany – Plain Local School District is seeking a dynamic, innovative Director of Student Services, Safety, & Security who will work collaboratively with the Superintendent, administrative team, staff, students, parents and community to create a culture of accountability that achieves the best academic and developmental outcomes for each student.

A sense of urgency to ensure that every student is provided with engaging, personalized learning experiences which will prepare him or her for college and careers in a global 21st century economy.
A relentless commitment to a vibrant culture of diversity and inclusion that promotes social/emotional development, empowers students and staff to thrive, and creates high expectations and high morale for all.
A strong desire to take our excellent program to the next level, including resource allocation (i.e. staff, community partners, time, technology, physical space); roles and responsibilities of staff including the interaction between teachers, students and content; and the use of data to improve teaching and learning in a safe and healthy learning environment.
An unwavering and demonstrated work ethic that explores, designs and implements strategies and solutions which accelerate and enhance the growth and well-being of students and staff to enhance the culture and climate of our learning campus.
A commitment to create a culture of accountability that achieves the best academic and developmental outcomes for each student.

The New Albany-Plain Local School district is located 20 miles northeast of downtown Columbus, in the City of New Albany. The school district serves approximately 4,950 students, pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade, and covers an area of 23 square miles.

Experience Required: QUALIFICATIONS:
Master’s degree or higher.
Eight years or more successful experience in education with at least five years administrative experience at the building level or higher in a PK-12 setting.
Demonstrated experience and knowledge of student services, safety, and security within a PK-12 environment.
Knowledge of Ohio Revised Code and experience implementing Emergency Operations Plan requirements for schools.
Demonstrated knowledge and experience with student and staff well-being research, best practices in PK-12 environment, and related initiatives or programs.
Demonstrated skill in oral and written communication.
Technologically proficient.
Knowledge of or ability to learn The R Factor.
Valid Ohio Certificate/License as a Principal, Administrative Specialist, or Superintendent.
Prior background/experience in private business sector preferred.

Responsible for the oversight of campus-wide management and adherence to Board of Education Policy and Administrative Guidelines in the areas of safety and security, safety plans, well-being programs and initiatives for students and staff, food services, transportation services, and other student services in a PK-12 learning environment.

REPORTS TO: Superintendent or his/her designee

SUPERVISES: Assigned staff
General Administrative Tasks
Attends Board meetings and prepares reports for the Board as requested by the Superintendent or his/her designee.
Assists the Superintendent, in cooperation with other executive level administrators, in effectively coordinating and continuously improving district programs.
Formulates proposals for revision and development of Board policies and administrative guidelines related to initiatives or programs within the PK-12 environment.
Works cooperatively with the Director of Special Education to coordinate and supervise Student Services Supports (school counselors, mental health specialists, prevention clinicians, drug/alcohol counselor or other third party services) within areas of direct responsibility.
Oversees, organizes, and facilitates internal and external student well-being initiatives.
Serves as the district well-being liaison to the community.
Assists with the coordination of staff wellness committee planning, and programming.
Serves as the district-wide lead of The R Factor (implementation, planning, programming, coordination, professional development, etc).
Serves as district-level contact for parent concerns related to school safety, food service, transportation, or other student services concerns.
Supervises and serves as the primary contact for the Food and Transportation Services Departments.
Leads the performance evaluation process for staff members as assigned.
Oversees the use of district facilities.
Provides leadership in the development, implementation and administration of campus-wide safety and security plans and programs.
Collaborates with staff to ensure a consistent PK-12 flow of safe and secure learning environments.
Coordinates the development and revision of school safety plans.
Oversees campus security and serves as the primary liaison with the New Albany Police Department, School Resource Officers and other local law enforcement agencies assigned to the school district.
Coordinates and provides oversight of all emergency operations plans, campus-wide safety drills and reporting requirements.
Provides leadership for the assessment of campus-wide safety and security protocols and measures as well as the expertise to make recommendations for improvement.
Facilitates a campus-wide safety committee.
Oversees development of student and parent communications related to school safety and reviews annually to ensure compliance to Board Policies, and Ohio/Federal law.
Facilitates the implementation and understanding of the Safe Schools Helpline.
Responsible for handling reports of bullying and completes bullying reports as per ORC. 13.
Analyzes data for continuous improvement.
Serves as a member of the Superintendent’s Cabinet.
Performs all other tasks/duties and assumes such responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

Each staff member shall remain free of any alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substance and abuse of any prescribed controlled substance in the workplace throughout his/her employment in the District. Each staff member shall serve as a role model for students in how to conduct themselves as citizens and as responsible, intelligent human beings. Each staff member has a legal responsibility to help instill in students the belief in and practice of ethical principles and democratic values.

Wage or Salary: $100,000-$115,000

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 260 days/ year

How to Apply:

Posting End Date:
MM : 5
DD : 31
YYYY : 2018