Director of Technogy - Revere Local Schools

Director of Technogy - Revere Local Schools

School District / Company: Revere Local Schools

Phone: (330) 523-3114

Email Address:

Street Address : 3496 Everett Road
City : Richfield
State : Ohio
Zip Code : 44286

Position Title: Director of Technology

Number of Openings: 1

Position Type: Administration

Start Date:
MM : 8
DD : 3
YYYY : 2020

Duties: Directs the planning, delivery and advancement of strategies to enhance staff/student use of district
technology resources. Helps implement a shared vision of learning that supports continuous
measurable improvements in student achievement.
· Efficiently manages concurrent responsibilities. Prioritizes assigned tasks. Develops effective
solutions for work-related problems. Completes tasks within required time-frames.
· Serves as an adviser to the superintendent and active member of the administrative team.
· Facilitates district compliance with all pertinent local, state and federal laws.
· Oversees the collection of accurate program data and the timely processing of paperwork.
· Recruits highly-qualified department staff. Oversees departmental orientation programs.
· Keeps department staff informed about district plans and activities.
· Assumes responsibility for the results of delegated duties. Evaluates/documents staff performance.
· Prepares the instructional technology component of the district’s comprehensive strategic plan.
· Works with administrators/staff to evaluate the specific technology needs of each building.
· Meets with and actively provides advice to technology teams and staff committees.
· Implements the board-approved budget as assigned. Requisitions materials/services. Monitors
vendor pricing. Manages the judicious use of program resources.
· Coordinates district technology resource audits and maintains an inventory database.
· Identifies potential cost savings of emerging technology. Evaluates vendor services (e.g., costs,
on-time delivery, order fulfillment accuracy, quality-control standards, technical support, etc.).
· Upholds fiscal accountability standards. Prepares revenue/expense projections as requested.
· Plans for equipment replacement using district performance goals and applicable safety standards.
· Aligns annual budget proposals with district goals.
· Receives, inspects and tests equipment/software. Ensures hardware/software compatibility.
Oversees installation. Prepares documentation (e.g., date installed, location, upgrades, etc.).
· Designs and upgrades wired/wireless networks. Oversees the installation/maintenance of network
connections (e.g., servers, hubs, routers, voice/data switches, video feeds, wiring, etc.).
· Maintains an effective configuration management system. Sets up local/wide area networks,
terminal services, Wi-Fi networks and file servers (e.g., users, space allocations, backups, etc.).
· Evaluates, develops and implements disaster recovery procedures. Resolves connectivity and
internal technical problems. Avoids disrupting building activities except during emergencies.
· Develops procedures that promote the proper use/care of technology resources (e.g., consent
forms, maintenance, storage, etc.). Monitors licensing agreement compliance.
· Oversees the provision of district-wide help desk services. Accommodates learning styles of endusers with a wide range of interests/skill levels in diverse instructional settings.
· Provides administrative direction and oversight of district websites.
· Advocates for students. Facilitates full access to inclusive educational opportunities.

· Supports and implements district initiatives related to new technology, materials and procedures.
· Helps teachers incorporate technology resources that enhance student learning in all areas of the
curriculum. Develops initiatives to expand distance learning and media literacy opportunities.
· Helps staff identify and use technology resources that compliment teaching styles, enhance
proficiency and build confidence. Develops training materials for self directed learning activities.
· Identifies consultants and/or district trainers to help students attain technology proficiency goals.
· Evaluates operational performance. Identifies opportunities to improve program services.

Experience Required: Minimum of Bachelor’s degree or equivalent training/work experience in a computer-related field that meets
district and state department of education requirements. Comprehensive understanding of
technology applications in an academic environment. Additional vendor certifications may be
required as deemed essential at the time of hire.
Ability to accommodate the learning styles of end-users. Expertise in the identification of
technology equipment and software suitable for diverse instructional settings and user abilities.
Ability to communicate technical information and work with a wide range of staff interest/skill levels.
Ability to keep current with advances in computer technology (e.g., hardware, software languages,
applications, tools, database management, operating systems, etc.).
Ability to troubleshoot, repair and maintain state of the art operating systems.
Displays flexibility, reliability, self-discipline and a willingness to take on challenging tasks.
Effective leadership, communication, problem-solving and time management skills.
Embodies high ethical standards/integrity. Accepts responsibility for personal decisions/conduct.
Documents/maintains a record free of criminal violations that prohibit public school employment.

Wage or Salary: Competitive

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 260

How to Apply: Please click the link below for more information about this vacancy.

Posting End Date:
MM : 3
DD : 27
YYYY : 2020