Director of Technology - Mansfield City Schools

Director of Technology - Mansfield City Schools

School District / Company: Mansfield City Schools

Phone: (419) 525-6400

Email Address:

Street Address : 856 West Cook Road
City : Mansfield, OH 44907
State : Ohio
Zip Code : 44907

Position Title: Director of Technology

Number of Openings: 1

Position Type: Administration

Start Date:
MM : 8
DD : 15
YYYY : 2018

Duties: Provides leadership in the technology planning and implementation for all K-12 education programs.

Monitors the district technology professional development programs and provides direction and oversight in the development of any new or revised educational programs.

Includes all relevant technology support staff (Technology Support Teachers) in the planning and implementation of programming.

Provides leadership for the assessment of current technology practices, procedures, and policies and makes recommendations to site administrators to improve educational technology programs.

Works collaboratively with the staff in all departments to support their initiatives and needs.

Works collaboratively with the Treasurer’s Office to support their initiatives and needs.
Monitors technology budgets and expenditures for the purpose of ensuring allocations are accurate and expenses are within budget limits and follow district policies.

Authorizes permissions and individual access to technology applications and services for the purpose of ensuring proper access to technology systems by staff, students, parents consistent with district operating guidelines and policies.

Administrates and co-ordinates the K-12 instructional technology program and supervises the technology instructional staff.

Coordinates all technology education programs in the district and makes specific recommendations regarding those programs.

Provides an organized, consistent, useful body of research information for school professionals to use to improve instructional technology practices and enhance student success.

Coordinates and plans the selection of educational materials and resources including hardware and software in conjunction with the Chief Academic Officer.

Supervises the maintenance of up-to-date student cumulative records contained in EMIS, DASL, and other district databases.

Conducts reviews of legal issues and provides counsel to the Superintendent, Chief Academic officer or other appropriate persons on legal issues as they relate to the Technology Department.

Supervises and evaluates all Technology Department staff. Works collaboratively with the Superintendent and site administrators to gather and review information for evaluation of central office technology administrators.

Directs and reviews the technology support for the school improvement process including the district Ohio Improvement Plan and Process.

Facilitates a district-wide committee including community members to provide ongoing dialogue and direction in the area of technology.

Serves as a liaison with architects, vendors, and school personnel in the development of instructional technology projects.

Develops and enacts a process for the purchase of new district and building hardware and software to insure its support of district and state initiatives and standards.

Collaborates with staff to further the integration of technology into the curriculum and establish best practices to guide everyday teaching and lesson planning.

Coordinates the technical support necessary to provide timely repairs, which result in student and staff access whenever needed.

Collaborates with the Chief Academic Officer to insure the appropriate level of technology support is available for all areas of the curriculum, including career technical education.

Uses data and analysis to drive decisions. Prepares reports for the Board and community on technology as requested.

Provides guidance in the development of a professional development plan to support the integration of technology into the curriculum.
This plan should utilize many methods including online classes, workshops, and professional development classes.

Develops a plan with the communication department to publicize the levels of usage and examples of student success to the district and the community.

Completes all state and federal technology program reports, grants and proposals.
Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer, and his/her designee.

Experience Required: Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field preferred (Management Information Systems, Information Technology, Computers Sciences, System Management, Educational Technology or other equivalent disciplines)

Three (3) or more years experience in the field of education or technology management
Experience setting up, configuring, and managing network components, as well as enterprise wireless network and operating systems

Demonstrated ability to communicate and work well with all levels within the district, specifically within the culture of an educational organization

Highly organized with strong project management skills, drive to meet organizational objectives, and ability to meet timelines.

Strong understanding of HTML and website development and maintenance required within a Google for Education Domain

Demonstrated expertise and the ability to lead in the field of technology

Ability to lead, develop, organize and implement technology programs

Wage or Salary:

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 260 Days

How to Apply: Apply at under Human Resources, Employment Opportunities.

Posting End Date:
MM : 8
DD : 8
YYYY : 2018