Elementary Principal - Springfield City Schools

Elementary Principal - Springfield City Schools

School District / Company: Springfield City School District

Phone: (937) 505-2820

Email Address: allenml@scsdoh.org

Street Address : 1500 W. Jefferson Street
City : Springfield
State : Ohio
Zip Code : 45506

Position Title: Elementary School Principal

Number of Openings: 1

Position Type: Administrative

Start Date:
MM : 8
DD : 1
YYYY : 2020

Duties: Essential Functions include but are not limited to the following:

Ensures implementations of state standards (standards based education).

Evaluates all school programs.
Provides a wide range of tutorial and enrichment activities for students.

Schedules and assigns students according to age and achievement levels. Appropriately schedules teachers.

Develops and maintains student standards for good citizenship and conduct. Maintains good discipline. Promotes good attendance.

Ensures that the instructional content is aligned with the Ohio Academic Content Standards and curriculum priorities in the school and the district.

Analyzes and uses data to improve school operations.

Oversees student testing programs. Analyzes test results

Provides leadership to teachers/others to develop instructional modifications and interventions that enhance student learning and improve test performance. (Teacher Improvement Plans, corrective action plans, instructional plans, lesson plans, etc.)

Ensures that the students in his/her building achieve at least one year’s growth during the school year as measured from an initially approved baseline measurement.

Experience Required: The successful candidate will possess:

Appropriate Principal licensure issued by the Ohio Department of Education

Prior supervisory and leadership experience

A passion for developing elementary school students for success in middle school and beyond

Prior experience in delegation and utilization of team strengths to accomplish far reaching goals

Prior experience working with Autistic students preferred
Excellent organizational skills

Ability to actively participate in all student activities at the elementary school level

Ability to communicate successfully in a variety of mediums to students, parents and staff

Wage or Salary: Starting salary is in accordance to negotiated agreement, increases with experience and education. Salary details available online at https://www.scsdoh.org/Page/2057 (SASO/SAST agreement) Benefit information is available online at https://www.scsdoh.org/cms/lib/OH02215834/Centricity/Domain/2212/Benefits%202018.pdf

Approximate Work Hours or Days: Elementary Principals work 228 days per school year

How to Apply: To be considered for a position with the Springfield City School District, you must complete and submit an application on our posting site of Applitrack. Please follow the link below:


Posting End Date:
MM : 7
DD : 26
YYYY : 2020