Elementary School Assistant Principal - Dublin City Schools

Elementary School Assistant Principal - Dublin City Schools


School District / Company:  Dublin City Schools

Phone:  (614) 764-5913

Email Address:  lyding_vicki@dublinschools.net

Street Address : 5175 Emerald Parkway
City : Dublin
State : Ohio
Zip Code : 43017

Position Title:  Elementary School Assistant Principal

Number of Openings:  1

Position Type:  Administrator

Start Date: 
MM : 08
DD : 01
YYYY : 2020

Duties:  1. Staff Personnel
a. Assists in screening, interviewing, and recommending employment and contractual status
of staff.
b. Assists in the evaluation and supervision of all personnel.
c. Assists in building inservice.
d. Helps prepare master schedule.
e. Helps in maintaining high staff morale.
2. Curriculum and Instruction
a. Assists in improving the quality of the instructional program and school climate
through being responsible for teacher implementation of the curriculum, through
supervision of instruction and through assisting in the development of the instructional
program for the district.
b. Assists in implementing educational goals and objectives for the school and in
evaluating the attainment of those goals and objectives. Assists the building principal
in planning of building level staff development activities and inservice day programs.
c. Participates in district curriculum revision and textbook selection efforts.
d. Aids in planning and effects an organizational framework to bring together the
school’s staff, students, facilities and programs in an effective instructional program.
3. Pupil Personnel
a. Provides leadership and support for services, which will foster the well-being of
students and provide for their individual needs.
b. Chairs the RtI program to support the intervention and enrichment needs of students.
c. Assists in directing behavior management systems, which are consistent with the
Board of Education Student Rights and Responsibilities Policies.
d. Cooperates with other district level administrators in supporting programs, such as
guidance, special education and nursing services, that provide for the safety, emotional
and physical well-being and enhanced educational opportunities for students.
e. Provides orientation for students new to the building.
f. Compiles, secures and uses student records in compliance with legal restraints and
district policies.
g. Coordinates state and district assessments during the year, including but not limited to
teacher training, coordination of testing materials, and ensures efficiency with data
systems that maintain student records.
4. School/Community Relations
a. Fosters and maintains effective two-way communication between the community and
b. Organizes and meets with PTO and other such advisory groups.
c. Assists in the release of information about the school through newsletters, meetings,
newspapers, parent groups and other appropriate communication techniques.
d. Maintains accurate safety trainings and drills, in cooperation with the Building
Principal, Director of Operations, and local law enforcement.
e. May assist in the presentation of reports to the Board of Education as directed by the
building principal and/or Superintendent.
f. Maintains relationships with individuals and community groups, which foster support
for school goals, objectives and programs.
5. Resource Management
a. Assists in supervising the operation of the building, equipment, and business
procedures in ways that enhance the overall program.
b. Coordinates building energy efficiency efforts in collaboration with the Operations
c. Provides direction to custodial staff to insure the proper cleanliness and safety of the
d. Assesses the general condition and needs of the building and grounds and reports them
to the Director of Business Operations.
e. May assist in preparing and implementing a budget, which will adequately support
school programs.
f. May assist in preparing and submitting federal, state and local reports.
6. Professional and Personal Development
a. Develops and maintains professional and personal skills and knowledge needed to
provide effective leadership as an assistant principal.
b. Participates in local, state, and national professional organizations.
c. May visit programs in other schools and attend educational conferences and inservices.
d. Reads current professional literature.
e. Ensures the safety of students.
f. Exhibits professional behavior, emotional stability, and sound judgment.
g. Maintains confidentiality and respect for confidential information at all times.
h. Establishes and maintains cooperative relationships with staff, parents, and administrators.

Experience Required:  QUALIFICATIONS:
1. Master’s Degree in Elementary Administration
2. Minimum of three years teaching - preferably at Elementary level
3. Current Ohio certification in Elementary Administration

Wage or Salary:  Based on Administrative Salary Schedule

Approximate Work Hours or Days:  246 days/year

How to Apply:  Apply Online: www.dublinschools.net/administrative.aspx
• Complete the online application including at least six references with contact information.
• Questions – Bryan Buoni email at buoni_bryan@dublinschools.net

The Dublin City School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and as such does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, veteran status, marital status, or any other status protected by law.

Posting End Date: 
MM : 05
DD : 15
YYYY : 2020