High School Principal - Independence Local Schools

High School Principal - Independence Local Schools

School District / Company: Independence Local Schools

Phone: (216) 642-5850

Email Address: bhegedish@independence.k12.oh.us

Street Address : 7733 Stone Rd.
City : Independence
State : Ohio
Zip Code : 44131

Position Type: High School Principal

Start Date:
MM : 8
DD : 3
YYYY : 2020

Duties: Directly responsible for developing and enacting a shared vision of learning for all students, creating and fostering a collaborative and engaging school climate and culture, and creating structures to maximize learning through responsible management of school operations.

Experience Required: We are seeking individuals who demonstrate:

● High character and a willingness to go above and beyond expectations.
● Leadership - with experiences in and outside of the classroom and building realms.
● Experience in creating, improving, and implementing building schedules, innovative class offerings, and programming to provide a competitive advantage for students.
● Desire to reflect on practices and structures to seek continuous improvement in all realms of school operations.
● Strong background in positive student experiences, community engagement and parent partnerships.
● Administrative licensure required.
● Previous administrative experience preferred.
● Previous High School experience preferred.

Wage or Salary:

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 260

How to Apply: http://www.esc-cc.org/CurrentOpportunities.aspx?choosedistrict=true&applitrackclient=37242

Posting End Date:
MM : 5
DD : 4
YYYY : 2020