Human Resources Director/Asistant Superintendent - Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools

Human Resources Director/Asistant Superintendent - Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools

School District / Company: Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools

Phone: (330) 689-5412

Email Address:

Street Address : 4350 Allen Road
City : Stow
State : Ohio
Zip Code : 44224

Position Title: Human Resources Director/Assistant Superintendent

Number of Openings: 1

Position Type: Administration

Start Date:
MM : 08
DD : 01
YYYY : 2018

Duties: 1. Professionally manages human resource programs.
Actively supervises department staff. Establishes
appropriate levels of employee autonomy and
· Directs human resource activities that include:
recruiting, selection, classification, compensation,
benefits, employee services, regulatory compliance,
recordkeeping, organizational development, l
labor/employee relations, training, etc. Maintains a
pool of qualified staff substitutes.
· Efficiently manages concurrent responsibilities.
Prioritizes assigned tasks. Develops effective
solutions for work-related problems. Completes
tasks within required time-frames.
· Serves as an adviser to the superintendent and active
member of the administrative team.
- Responsible for contract management and
- Coordinates contractual grievance process.
- Responsible for the administration and management
of the Workers’ Compensation program for the
- Administers and oversees disciplinary proceedings for
licensed and non-teaching staff.
- Serves as a Compliance Officer for Complaints related
to Harassment/Discrimination.
· Facilitates district compliance with all pertinent local,
state and federal laws.
· Oversees the collection of accurate program data and
the timely processing of paperwork.
· Recruits highly-qualified department staff. Oversees
departmental orientation programs.
· Assumes responsibility for the results of delegated
duties. Evaluates/documents staff performance.
· Analyzes census and student enrollment data.
Interprets emerging staffing needs.
· Updates job descriptions and the employment section
of the staff handbook.
· Posts open positions. Conducts applicant interviews and background investigations. Recommends appointments. Coordinates employee orientation processes.
· Administers continuing contracts, demotions, transfers, non-renewals and termination processes.
· Works with the treasurer’s office to ensure employees are placed on the correct salary schedule.
· Helps formulate salary schedules, benefits and terms/conditions of employment.
· Coordinates regular labor/management committee meetings.
· Participates in bargaining unit negotiations and hearing/grievance processes.
· Manages staff services (e.g., insurance, fringe benefits, etc.).
· Facilitates local professional development committee activities.
· Coordinates Public School Works, AESOP and Applitrack Systems.
· Facilitates collaborative planning of department and special project committee meetings.
· Implements the board-approved budget as assigned. Requisitions materials/services.
· Upholds fiscal accountability standards. Prepares revenue/expense projections as requested.
· Plans for equipment replacement using district performance goals and applicable safety standards.
· Works with the superintendent and treasurer to align budget proposals with district goals.
· Evaluates operational performance. Identifies short/long-range program needs and opportunities.


2. Assumes duties of Superintendent during Superintendent absence.
- Serves as District designee for all expulsion hearings.
- Serves as liaison to District legal counsel.
- Coordinates strategic initiatives as designated.
- Evaluates Central Office and Administrative staff as designated.
- Assumes responsibility for parent communication/complaint response.
- Serves as Superintendent designee as assigned.

3. Exemplifies professionalism. Fosters goodwill to enhance the district’s public image.
· Acts in accordance with the Licensure Code of Professional Conduct for Ohio Educators.
· Cultivates community relationships that promote strong public support for the district.
· Enforces drug-free workplace rules, board policies and administrative guidelines/procedures.
· Functions as part of a cohesive team. Develops mutually respectful relationships with co-workers.
· Keeps an acceptable attendance record and is punctual. Maintains a professional appearance.
· Provides leadership for the advancement of best practices and academic standards.
· Respects privacy. Maintains the confidentiality of privileged information.
· Sustains an effective working environment. Performs all aspects of the job.

4. Maintains open/effective communications. Serves as a reliable information resource.
· Provides prompt notification of personal delays or absences.
· Uses active listening/problem-solving techniques. Respects diversity. Resolves issues tactfully.
· Works with staff to ensure shared resources are used effectively.

5. Pursues opportunities to enhance personal performance.
· Keeps current with professional standards associated with work duties.
· Updates skills as needed to use task-appropriate technology effectively.

6. Keeps informed about workplace safety procedures. Initiates action to manage risks.
· Helps update and implement a comprehensive school emergency operations plan.
· Maintains high standards for appropriate conduct. Takes action to address harassment and/or aggressive behavior. Complies with administrative directives and federal/state laws when dealing with discrimination, inappropriate behavior, suspected child abuse or neglect.
· Manages student behavior using positive behavioral support techniques.

7. Performs other specific job-related duties as directed.
· Implements workplace initiatives that advance organizational goals.

Experience Required: · Holds and maintains required state department of
education credentials. Superintendent license required
or currently enrolled in a Superintendent licensing
· Human resource administration skills verified by training
and/or work experience.
· Analyzes, organizes and presents complex
information in an easy-to-understand format.
· Displays flexibility, reliability, self-discipline and a
willingness to take on challenging tasks.
· Effective supervisory, communication, problem-
solving and time management skills.
· Embodies high ethical standards/integrity. Accepts
responsibility for personal decisions/conduct.
· Maintains a record free of criminal violations that
would prohibit public school employment.
- Expected to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
- Head principal experience required.

Wage or Salary: Commensurate with Experience

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 260

How to Apply:

Posting End Date:
MM : 05
DD : 11
YYYY : 2018