Loudonville-Exempted Village School District - Treasurer

Loudonville-Exempted Village School District - Treasurer


School District / Company: Loudonville-Exempted Village School District

Phone: (419) 994-3912

Email Address: capuster@lpschools.net

Street Address : 210 E Main Street
City : Loudonville
State : Ohio
Zip Code : 44842

Position Title: Treasurer

Number of Openings: 1

Position Type: District Treasurer

Start Date:
MM : 4
DD : 1
YYYY : 2018

Duties: The District's Treasurer, in addition to the responsibilities required by law, is responsible for helping the District achieve its goals by providing leadership and supervision in the program of fiscal management.
The Treasurer shall meet the qualifications specified for the position (A.C. 3301-5-01) and shall be directly responsible to the Board for the performance of the following assigned duties and responsibilities:

serve as the Chief Financial Officer of the District;
receive, deposit, manage, disburse, and account for all Federal, State, and local funds of the District in accordance with the Board's policies, administrative guidelines, and Ohio law; be responsible for the financial affairs of the District in accordance with the provisions of State law; establish and maintain long-range fiscal plans and prepare the annual budget based on District resources and needs;
direct and assign employees who are directly engaged in the day-to-day fiscal operations of the District, as designated by the Board;
provide that all District fiscal activities comply with the laws and regulations of the State, the negotiated agreements, policies of the Board, and the District's administrative guidelines;
analyze the effectiveness of District business and financial functions and recommend appropriate changes in program, staffing, and/or management strategies to meet established District goals;
work constructively with the Superintendent and District staff toward the achievement of District goals;
promote the efficient and effective use of District resources in the daily operations of the schools;
interpret the budget and the District's fiscal affairs to District staff and to interested members of the community to secure their input, involvement, and support for school programs and initiatives;
maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, professional practice, administrative effectiveness, and financial responsibility of the District;
perform such other duties as the Board may direct or assign.
Observation of the Treasurer's performance and preparation of performance reports shall be the responsibility of the Board.

Experience Required: Experience as a treasurer or assistant treasurer is preferred but not required.

Wage or Salary: Competitive compensation package which includes a multi-year contract.

Approximate Work Hours or Days: approximately 40 hours per week

How to Apply: Email or U. S. Post application and credentials to Catherine Puster, Superintendent, 210 E Main Street Loudonville, Ohio 44842
Application and brochure can be found at: http://www.lpschools.k12.oh.us/district/employment-opportunities