Middle School Principal - Groveport Madison Local Schools

Middle School Principal - Groveport Madison Local Schools

School District / Company: Groveport Madison Local Schools

Phone: (614) 492-2520

Email Address: matt.cygnor@gocruisers.org

Street Address : 4400 Marketing Place, Ste. B
City : Groveport
State : Ohio
Zip Code : 43125

Position Title: Director of Human Resources

Number of Openings: 1

Position Type: Administration - Middle School Principal

Start Date:
MM : 8
DD : 1
YYYY : 2019

Duties: The middle school principal provides visionary educational leadership at the middle school level to certificated and classified team members; facilitates an educational setting that promotes a positive learning experience for middle school students; and is a manager of district resources

Essential Functions:
• Provide supervision to maintain a clean, neat, and safe
school environment
• Serve as instructional leader for the school(s), providing
direction, motivation, and supervision to accomplish all
curricular and extracurricular goals and objectives
• Oversee activity budgets, expenditures, and reporting.
Make a complete accounting of all extracurricular funds
for the schools and approve/monitor any fundraisers.
• Analyze staffing needs and make recommendations to
the Superintendent regarding staff assignments
• Provide leadership in locating and screening applicants,
conducting interviews, and making recommendations to
the Superintendent for the filling of staff vacancies
• Supervise substitute teachers and other temporary
• Coordinate the schedule of all travelling personnel
• Prepare a monthly written report of school activities for
the Board of Education
• Participate in the district administrative team
• Prepare an annual report and oversee annual planning
and goal-setting for the schools
• Maintain inventories, and distribute supplies, equipment,
and materials as needed
• Conduct fire and safety drills
• Direct the activities of school staff members
• Implement and monitor all Board policies and regulations
• Responsible for the safety and administration of the
school plant and grounds
• Establish and maintain a positive public relations
• Oversee the guidance program
• Plan and supervise fire and tornado drills and other
emergency preparedness programs
• Establish a school schedule
• Responsible for personnel evaluations along with
assistant principal
• Recommend to the Superintendent continuation or non-
continuation of employment of teachers
• Conduct regular staff meetings
• Assist in the recruitment, in-service training, assigning
and orientation of school staff
• Oversee the maintenance of records and controls in the
funds of the school activity account
• Supervise the maintenance of student records
• Supervise the operations of the buildings, grounds and
other school property
• Direct, supervise and evaluate the instructional and
guidance programs and the work schedule of all assigned
• Responsible for the requisition of supplies, textbooks,
equipment and other necessary material
• Prepare and submit the building budgetary requests
• Monitor the expenditure of funds
• Responsible for the registration, assignment, promotion
or retention of all students along with Guidance
• Develop policies/plans for safeguarding equipment and
• Recommend curriculum changes
• Make classroom visits to observe teachers
• Direct and coordinate the classified staff assigned to the
middle school
• Oversee the recording and reporting of all building
employee leaves
• Schedule educational assemblies for the student
• Supervise the health service program for the building
along with school nurse
• Make contacts with the public with tact and diplomacy
• Maintain respect at all times for confidential information,
e.g., staff personnel information, student files
• Interact in a positive manner with staff, students and
• Promote good public relations
• Attend meetings and in-services as required
• Develop and implement student recognition programs
• Coordinate and plan meetings for staff department
chairs and team leaders

Experience Required: One to two years related experience
• Successful classroom teaching experience
• Excellent interpersonal communication skills, both oral
and written
• Prior experience in curriculum development, K-12
programs, supervision, and instructional leadership
• Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the
Superintendent and/or Board of Education may find

Wage or Salary: $91,794 - $113,466

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 240 day contract

How to Apply: Interested Applicants should apply at:


Posting End Date:
MM : 3
DD : 22
YYYY : 2019