Ohio Department of Education - Education Program Specialist - Regional Support

Ohio Department of Education - Education Program Specialist - Regional Support

School District / Company: Ohio Department of Education

Phone: (614) 466-3763

Email Address: human.resources@education.ohio.gov

Street Address : 25 S Front Street
City : Columbus
State : Ohio
Zip Code : 43215

Position Title: Education Program Specialist - Regional Support

Number of Openings: 1

Position Type: Administrative

Start Date:
MM : 2
DD : 22
YYYY : 2018

Duties: Strong relationship building skills including superb communication skills make you a great candidate for this position. The opportunity is to serve in Northeastern Ohio as a regional support specialist between state agencies, state support teams, and educational service centers for the delivery of coordinated regional school improvement efforts.

Major Responsibilities & Duties:
Provides technical assistance and strategic support to State Support Team (SST) fiscal agents, SST directors, and others to promote a high level of implementation of the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) across assigned quadrant:
• Meets and participates in the decision-making process with fiscal agents, Educational Service Centers (ESCs), and other partners to determine the ongoing regional technical assistance support of identified districts;
• Meets with directors and their staff as needed to build and enhance regional capacity of the OIP and related ODE improvement initiatives;
• Gathers, analyzes and interprets qualitative and quantitative data; monitors actions to improve effectiveness of OIP implementation;
• Facilitates and supports collaboration between regional partners (i.e., SSTs and ESCs) in providing technical assistance to identified support districts;
• Identifies problems and recommends solutions;
• Attends regular meetings with SSTs;
• Conducts regular visits to priority districts to monitor SST support of OIP implementation and tool usage.

Assists regions with the Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP):
• Manages documentation of the SST activities (e.g., regional planning and budgets);
• Assists region with CCIP regional plan implementation;
• Ensures alignment of regional plan and budget;
• Oversees and monitors implementation of the performance agreement between fiscal agents and ODE (e.g., evaluates Regional Systems per HB 115);
• Provides information and training to regional partners (e.g., directors and other members of the fiscal agency) on items identified in the performance agreement monitoring tool;
• Reviews data reports (e.g., ESSA monitoring reports, Ohio Improvement Process Implementation report, Performance Agreement Deliverables report) for alignment to regional plan activities;
• Supports SST directors in completion and timely submission of reports to ODE.

Utilizes communication strategies with ODE Offices/Centers and statewide/regional partners to communicate ODE priorities to the field:
• Serves as a primary field contact;
• Meets with ODE centers/offices to ensure managers are knowledgeable about the practices, policies, and programs to enable successful communication to the field;
• Provides information to ODE, as requested, regarding district and quadrant/regional issues;
• Answers questions in conjunction with other ODE contacts;
• Communicates regularly with the ODE immediate supervisor;
• Attends ODE required meetings;
• Collaborates with other statewide/regional partners (e.g., Ohio Leadership Advisory Council, Battelle for Kids, Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence).

Experience Required: Completion of a Master’s degree in one of the following areas: education administration, educational leadership, public administration, education, public policy management, social sciences, curriculum design; and 3 years of experience in any combination of the following:
• Building level school administration (i.e., principal, assistant principal).
• District level school administration (i.e., director of special education, pupil services, curriculum and instruction, federal programs, or related service areas).

Wage or Salary: $26.30 hourly/$54,704 annually

Approximate Work Hours or Days: M-F, 8:00am - 5:00pm subject to Agency's flexible work scheduling

How to Apply: To view and/or apply for this position, please visit http://careers.ohio.gov and search for State of Ohio Government Jobs > Filter > Department > Education.

Posting End Date:
MM : 3
DD : 4
YYYY : 2018