Principal - Grizzell Middle School - Dublin City Schools

Principal - Grizzell Middle School - Dublin City Schools

School District / Company: Dublin City Schools

Phone: (614) 764-5913

Email Address:

Street Address : 5175 Emerald Parkway
City : Dublin
State : Ohio
Zip Code : 43017

Position Title: Principal, Grizzell Middle School

Number of Openings: 1

Position Type: Administrative

Start Date:
MM : 08
DD : 01
YYYY : 2020


1. Instructional Leadership
a. Adheres to the District Board/administrator operating policies and guidelines.
b. Promotes the District mission of “each students growth and success”. The Principal will set this expectation for students and all building staff.
c. Will provide the support and reinforcement necessary for good staff morale within respective building.
d. Make recommendations to the Directors based on needs identified by the assessment data, teacher recommendations and educational research.
e. Will regularly make the Directors aware of pertinent information related to the respective program.
f. Will effectively interpret District positions and policies to subordinates to ensure their understanding and encourage their support.
g. Provide and building CORE team.
h. Insure appropriate extra co-curricular activities
2. Staff Personnel
a. Screens, interviews, and recommends employment and contractual status of staff.
b. Prepares master schedule.
c. Assists and motivates teachers to develop and improve their professional standing through inservice and college courses.
d. Supervises the athletic director and assistant principal.
e. Evaluates and supervises all personnel.
f. Serves as head of Building Leadership Council.
g. Assigns staff within building to particular teaching or support positions.
h. Be responsible for scheduling and conducting regular staff meetings.
i. Selects Team Leaders and direction for teaming.
3. Curriculum Development
a. Provide leadership in establishing and implementing educational goals and objective for the school and in evaluating the accomplishment of these goals and objectives.
b. Promotes the general health, safety, and welfare of the student body.
c. Coordinate and evaluate the curriculum in accordance with the district curriculum policy.
4. Pupil Personnel
a. Establishes rules and sets the tone for student discipline in accordance with school board policy and current school law.
b. Promotes the general health, safety, and welfare of the student body.
c. Assist Guidance in the registration and scheduling of students.
d. Makes final decision on suspension of students. Recommends to Superintendent on expulsion of students.
5. Public Relations
a. Supports the school/community organizations.
b. Develops and maintains positive written and verbal communication with the community.
c. Encourages staff to maintain positive relationship with community.
d. Works with PTO to promote school/community relations and highlight student and teacher accomplishments.
e. Directs the release of information of the school through appropriate communication techniques.
6. Resource Management
a. Prepares a school budget which will adequately support school programs.
b. Oversees the ordering and purchasing of materials, supplies, and equipment.
c. Supervises student activity accounts.
d. Meets with team leaders to develop a building budget.
e. Develops long range plans to address building needs.
7. Building Operations
a. Assess the general conditions and needs of the building and grounds and reports same to appropriate support staff.
b. Works with custodial and maintenance staff to insure the proper cleanliness, repair and safety of the building and grounds.
8. Professional Growth
a. Participates in local, state, and national professional organizations.
b. Reads current professional literature.
c. Visits other programs in other schools and attends educational conferences.

Experience Required: QUALIFICATIONS:

1. Master’s Degree in School Administration from an accredited College or University.
2. Valid administrative certificate.
3. Three years successful teaching experience

Wage or Salary: Administrative Salary Schedule

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 246 days per year

How to Apply: Apply Online:
• Complete the online application including at least six references with contact information.
• Questions – Bryan Buoni email at

Posting End Date:
MM : 03
DD : 12
YYYY : 2020