Principal - Hebron Elementary - Lakewood Local Schools

Principal - Hebron Elementary - Lakewood Local Schools

School District / Company: Lakewood Local Schools

Phone: ((740)) 928-5878

Email Address:

Street Address : 525 East Main Street
Address Line 2 : PO Box 70
City : Hebron
State : Ohio
Zip Code : 43025

Position Title: Principal - Hebron Elementary

Number of Openings: 1

Position Type: Principal

Start Date:
MM : 08
DD : 01
YYYY : 2018

Duties: Performance Responsibilities:

Continuous Improvement
1. Principals facilitate the articulation and realization of a shared vision of continuous school improvement.
2. Principals lead (initiate) the process (and support team work) of setting, monitoring and achieving specific and challenging goals that reflect high expectations for all students and staff.
3. Principals lead the change process for continuous improvement.
4. Principals anticipate, monitor and respond to educational developments that affect school issues and environment.

1. Principals ensure that the instructional content that is taught is aligned with the Ohio academic content standards and curriculum priorities in the school and district.
2. Principals ensure instructional practices are effective and meet the needs of all students.
3. Principals advocate for high levels of learning for all students, including students identified as gifted, students with disabilities and at-risk students.
4. Principals know, understand and share relevant research.
5. Principals understand, encourage and facilitate the effective use of data by staff.
6. Principals support staff in planning and implementing research-based professional development.

School Operations, Resources and Learning Environment
1. Principals establish and maintain a safe school environment.
2. Principals create a nurturing learning environment that addresses the physical and mental health needs of all.
3. Principals allocate resources, including technology, to support student and staff learning.
4. Principals institute procedures and practices to support staff and students and establish an environment that is conducive to learning.
5. Principals understand, uphold and model professional ethics, policies, and legal codes of professional conduct.

1. Principals promote a collaborative learning culture.
2. Principals share leadership with staff, students, parents and community members.
3. Principals develop and sustain leadership. Principals support and advance the leadership capacity of all educators.

Parents and Community Engagement
1. Principals connect the school with the community.
2. Principals involve parents and community members in improving student learning.
3. Principals use community resources to improve student learning.
4. Principals establish expectations for the use of culturally responsive practices that acknowledge and value diversity.

Terms of Employment:
• 203 Contract Days
• Salary determined by Administrative Salary Schedule
• Start date – August 1, 2018

Experience Required:

1. A Master’s Degree or higher in educational administration.
2. A valid State of Ohio principal’s license.
3. A minimum of three years experience as a teacher or administrator.
4. Successfully complete and pass a BCII and FBI check.

Wage or Salary:

Approximate Work Hours or Days: 203 Days

How to Apply: Current employees of Lakewood Local School District should email Mrs. Andrews at by 3:00 p.m. on May 11, 2018.

If not an employee, please email Mrs. Andrews a cover letter and resume and complete an Ohio Reap application ( by 3:00 p.m. on May 11, 2018.

Posting End Date:
MM : 05
DD : 11
YYYY : 2018