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Introducing the NEW BASA Management Guide

 The Buckeye Association of School Administrators is releasing the 2013 edition of the BASA Management Guide this month.  In its new Flippingbook format, users will be able to search for key words and terms and to navigate easily around the manual by using convenient links.  The publication is also available in both Windows and Apple formats.

To sample this revised publication, please click on the Sample Text icon on the left.  The book will open to its cover.  To see a sample of the 1,160 pages in the publication, click on the small white arrow on the right hand side of the cover.  The book will open in its new format.

Double click in the middle of either the left or right hand page, and the format will switch to a single page.  (You can always control the size of the single page at the bottom.)  Navigating is simple by using the small white arrows on either side of the page or by entering the desired page number in the box at the top of the page.  You can return to the two page format at any time by double clicking again the middle of a single page.

On page 2, move your cursor to the phrase Appendix I in the second row after Property Taxes.  The phrase Appendix I should turn blue.  When it does, click on it.  The guide will then take you to page 6, which introduces the Property Tax data information.  (Page 7 is blank because each spreadsheet is two pages wide.)

Or, go to page 5, and click on the phrase Appendix S in the row titled Records Requests, Public.  That link will take you to the beginning of a series of interpretive publications on the federal privacy laws.

If you have any questions about this small sample of the now available BASA Management Guide, please contact BASA.

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